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Christmas in California

Christmas away from home and all you know will always be a strange affair. Last year we were skiing in Colorado when a baby was but a hope and so was our big relocation; we had Christmas dinner in a … Continue reading

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Out and about

Since arriving here we’ve been busy driving around lots of different neighbourhoods seeking out the one we want to live in: are there parks nearby? shops? is it a quiet street? how far is it to the office? But we … Continue reading

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What a way to make a living

Amongst the house hunting, bank account opening and eating too much, Ben has been settling in to his new office surroundings. This is the first time he’s worked in an office since leaving BT five years ago and I think … Continue reading

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One week later…

We’ve been living in California for a week. Wow! This week I’ve learnt: :: patience is a virtue. :: San Jose peeps think it’s cold. :: the roads are bonkers. :: the Internet is the best invention ever, closely followed … Continue reading

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Doing the paperwork

When you move to a new country there’s a lot of paperwork to fill in. Before we got here there were visa applications, shipping forms and tax forms. On the plane there was a landing card and a customs form. … Continue reading

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Today we saw a hummingbird and a man on a unicycle

On our first full day here we’ve been house-hunting which mainly involved surfing the internet looking for potential places, programming sat nav over and over again and driving round most of the area surrounding San Jose. We found some possibilities … Continue reading

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Cake, champagne, friends, family and farewells

At the weekend we had a 12-hour party to say goodbye to our lovely friends and family. I managed to only have one wobble in the whole day and only used the one tissue. Maybe I’m saving all the tears … Continue reading

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