Today we saw a hummingbird and a man on a unicycle

On our first full day here we’ve been house-hunting which mainly involved surfing the internet looking for potential places, programming sat nav over and over again and driving round most of the area surrounding San Jose. We found some possibilities so next step is to contact the agents and arrange viewings. In the garden of one of the houses we saw a hummingbird buzzing around the fruit trees. A little different to the garden birds of Suffolk.

Mountains and sunshine

House hunting in San Jose

I even drove for a little bit of the day. We have some massive 4×4 hire car, certainly the biggest vehicle I’ve ever driven. Not using my left foot takes some getting used to (no clutch of course as it’s automatic) and the whole turning right on red thing feels wrong. But I’ll get the hang of it I’m sure.

Me driving!

Driving practice

We also visited Ben’s office – I saw his “cube” and met some colleagues. We spotted a unicycling-man near his office – maybe he works there too?

However despite the house hunting, the office visiting and the wrong-side-of-road driving, it still feels quite unreal. We actually live here now!

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3 Responses to Today we saw a hummingbird and a man on a unicycle

  1. Panya says:

    My mom and I use both feet to drive automatics — right foot on the accelerator, left foot on the brake. At driver’s ed in high school I was taught to only use the right foot, but later I began to use both like my mom. It’s just more comfortable to me. Plus, I found that in an emergency my first instinct is to slam down with *both* feet — if only my right foot was being used, I’d more likely be slamming down on the accelerator, which obviously isn’t good — this way, I’m also slamming down on the brake, and that overrides the accelerator every time. 🙂

  2. chelmo22 says:

    Hi, It all sounds wonderful. Hope you get settled in quickly. Look forward to hearing all about it soon. Lots of love. Mum and Roger xx

  3. amoolife says:

    Lovely to speak to you today 🙂 Can’t wait for the next blog installment. Take care of each other and speak soon, love and hugs xx xx

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