Out and about

Since arriving here we’ve been busy driving around lots of different neighbourhoods seeking out the one we want to live in: are there parks nearby? shops? is it a quiet street? how far is it to the office? But we haven’t done much in the way of exploring the attractions the area has to offer. So this weekend we got out and about.

On Friday – after much anticipation from me as I was desperate to invoke some festive-feelings – we went to the winter wonderland that is Christmas in the Park in San Jose. I’m sure that if you visited this extravaganza of festiveness every year you’d see the same decorations every holiday season but it was all new to us.

There were so many Christmas lights and trees everywhere – the main centrepiece was a vision in beautiful blue, pink and purple guarded by the Nutcracker King.

Christmas TreeAnd there were countless trees decorated by local groups and schools. I particularly loved the Despicable Me fir.

Awesome Despicable Me TreePlus lots of little traditional vignettes celebrating the season.

And, although there’ll be no white Christmas here, the ice rink (surrounded by contradictory palm trees) and the snow cannons made it seem a teeny little bit like it was winter. Well maybe not but it did make us feel a touch more Christmassy.

One of the appeals for us of living in California is of course the climate. Whilst it’s not hot it is definitely a lot warmer than back in the UK so we decided a visit to the beach was a must on Sunday. The clouds looked slightly menacing as we headed towards Half Moon Bay but apparently that’s often the way here – sunshine in San Jose but cloud as you head to the coast.

Half Moon Bay was a lovely town to explore; lots of galleries, antique shops and cafes. Then we headed off to the beach to breathe in the fresh Pacific air. Huge white waves crashing on the beach, miles of deserted sand (bar a few dog walkers and horse riders), and towering cliffs greeted us. It was great to have a gentle walk on the beach but 24-week-pregnant-me found the walk back up to the car park a challenge. You wouldn’t know I was power-walking up Edinburgh’s steep hills just 6 months ago.

So after a nice weekend we’re refreshed for the week ahead which will involve: work (for Ben), picking up Ben’s new car; moving into a house (hopefully!) and wrapping presents (we managed to buy each others in a 30-minute dash around a mall).

Love me x

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