Day 10 of 2012 – what’s been happening?

I decided at the beginning of this year to attempt to take a photo every day for the entire year. I can imagine that after April they’ll all be of the baby but I’m sure you all won’t mind will you?

So here is this year so far, summarised in simple photos:

1. Jan 1st - New Year's Day in the Bay, 2. Jan 2nd - getting to grips with Ikea flatpacks, 3. Jan 3rd - My new desk, 4. Jan 4th - Mini heirloom tomatoes, 5. Jan 5th: Shoreline in Mountain View, 6. Jan 6th - housewarming orchids, 7. Jan 7th Pretty leaves and bench in Saratoga, CA, 8. Today's create daily project... and 8th Jan photo for 365+1, 9. Jan 9th - what shall I choose?, 10. Jan 10th - Reading in the sunshine

sunshine :: flat pack assembling :: drawing :: cooking :: meeting new friends :: beauty all around :: exploring :: reading in the sun.

Despite some frustrating days, some worrying days, some non-sunny (gasp!) days it’s been a great first month in the USA.

I’m getting to grips with driving, Ben is getting stuck in at work and I’ve started meeting people and exploring.

And of course we’ve both been enjoying the sunshine, and making the most of life.

Love me x

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