A few speedy updates…

:: I passed the theory part of the Californian Driving Test (got four wrong out of 36 – six mistakes were allowed)
:: I just saw a black squirrel run across the garden fence
:: Baby Evans is measuring just right and I will never tire of hearing his or her heartbeat. I’ve found some lovely midwives – one of them is a Brit!
:: Health insurance costs make you appreciate the NHS
:: Mornings are cold. We’re talking frosty cars despite the 18C daytime temperatures
:: I’ve started on baby’s quilt (and still making a blanket) – will I finish them in time?
:: We’re enjoying the Californian oranges and avocados
:: Our stuff has left the UK at last!
:: And Toby has got his passport.

Love me x

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One Response to A few speedy updates…

  1. amoolife says:

    All very good news 🙂 Glad the midwife apt went well and that you have started on your crafting. So when is your stuff due to arrive? And does Toby’s passport have a photo in it? hehe xx xx

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