Awesome. A word much over used, particularly in California it seems. But it seems a fitting one to describe our visit to Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton today.

The observatory sits in a prime position for gazing down on San Jose – when it’s not misty that is – and of course for the astronomers gazing at the stars, galaxies and planets beyond our world. It’s an awe-inspiring spot and well worth the slightly nail-biting drive via winding roads to the summit.

PS if anyone knows what the bird is, let me know!

Love me x

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4 Responses to Awesome

  1. Charlotte says:

    After an obsessive search of the internet, John and I have come to the conclusion that the bird is a turkey vulture (red head, white beak, beady eyes). Of course, we could be completely wrong, but it was a wonderful way to spend a sunday morning 😉

  2. Shawn Schumacher says:

    Looks like a red tailed hawk

  3. Shawn Schumacher says:

    Definitely not a turkey vulture from the picture I am almost positive. They are all over that area.

  4. Hi Christine!
    I’ve (finally) just caught up on your very big adventures…I follow you on Twitter but hadn’t really taken in the whole move/why you’d moved thing.
    How fabulous! You are both very brave…I just don’t think I have it in me to up sticks, but, having said that, with Twitter/Facebook/email/skype/facetime etc…you rarely need to be there in person to be able to chat, laugh, cry, catch up, off load, cheer up and share with friends.
    I’m looking forward to reading about your continuing adventures in America.
    much love and good wishes (& big snuggles for Toby)

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