Reunited (warning: includes excessive Toby photos)

Last Friday was a big day. The day our little furry friend arrived in the USA.

He didn’t seem too upset by the journey although he was definitely jet lagged. He spent most of the first night running around the house!

But he’s settling in now and finding out where the best spots in the house are.

He is a real sun-seeker. I think he’s moved to the right part of the world for him to indulge that hobby.

Having a Toby-dog here is helping it feel like home. Now we just need a sofa and our shipped belongings to turn up.

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3 Responses to Reunited (warning: includes excessive Toby photos)

  1. I love Toby, I say this all the time but he is so cute! I’m really glad he was ok with the journey, must be lovely to have him back. I always find a house without pets very strange to be in.

  2. Cara says:

    Toby Dog is so adorable, he has such expressive eyes. So pleased you are all back together and I’m looking forward to more Toby shots in the sun x

  3. claire1745 says:

    Hi is that Christine who used to live in spixworth many years ago and went to sprowston high school? If it is which i am sure it is then i am Claire your old friend. Claire Bowles my old name now married though.

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