Some random updates from Silicon Valley

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted here so I thought it was time for some updates.

:: we went to the beach in Santa Cruz at the weekend as it was so hot.  Check out the Salsa dancing in the background of the first photo below.




Image:: we’ve been working on the nursery and of course I’ve been making things like these birdhouses made from cardboard & fabric for the walls. I might even finish the crochet blanket before Baby arrives, you never know.

Image:: I’m 36 weeks pregnant on Wednesday so it’s the final countdown now.

Image:: Toby loves the sun

Image:: and so does Ben

Image:: as do I.

:: Ben has bought a bike so he’s been enjoying that over the last couple of weekends. Its name is Kermit.

:: Cherry blossom has been out in force for quite a while and confetti gets blown around by the warm winds. It’s so pretty.

I think that’s the end of the random updates for now. Love me, Ben, Bump & Toby x

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