Birthday wishes and new obsessions

Ben has turned another year older and developed a new obsession: hummingbirds.

We put a feeder up outside our french doors last weekend and within days we had our first tiny feathered visitors. I spotted the first one and excitedly sent Ben a very shaky iPhone video. Since then he has put his camera on a tripod and trained it on the glass feeder full of sticky sugary syrup.

I helped fuel the obsession by buying him a remote trigger for his birthday which has resulted in some pretty cool shots.

I also made him a delicious cake to celebrate *whispers* 38.

It might be the last cake I make for a while so I thought chocolate sponge, cream and berries was just what was needed. We even had candles and happy birthday singing. Toby was too shy to join in or maybe he still hadn’t forgiven us for this:

Yes that is a giant teddy bear behind him. He's called Little Ted.

He really isn’t a fan of baths.

Anyway, I’m sure Ben will have his camera pointing at the feeder for a while yet to get the elusive perfect shot. Up until a new obsession invades our lives.

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