2 months goes so fast

In the early hours of Friday April 13th our lives changed forever when Emily Grace joined our family. There was a thunderstorm; Ben helped deliver her and told me we had a girl; we cuddled, kissed and gazed; and we called everyone back home with our news.

The day she was born

Two months later Emily Grace can: smile beautiful beaming smiles; sneeze the cutest sneezes; lift her head up and hold it there for a little while; bat at objects and toys; grab hold of things tight; stick her fist in her mouth and suck it; and keep us occupied for hours.

First bath

She loves: baths; car rides; her play mat – especially the elephant; my handmade clothes (like she has any choice); me singing to her; snuggling up to our chests in the Beco carrier; gazing at our faces; and meeting other babies.

We’ve settled into life as a family whilst getting used to our new normality. I’m learning to eat one handed – in fact I’m learning to do most things one handed. And we’re gradually figuring out how to get things done round the house with a baby. I utilise nap-times to chop vegetables for dinner, hang washing out or dust the living room.

Yesterday I took her to a store and she started grinning at inanimate objects on the shelves and rows of kitchen utensils had her captivated. Shopping may be slightly more complicated now but it’s also more fun.

Emily is changing every day. She spends more time awake than asleep now and practices her new skills whenever she gets chance. We can’t wait to see what she learns next.

I’m going to attempt a monthly photo on the blanket I made her so we can see how much she’s growing.

10 days:

1 month:

2 months:

And a bonus 2 month photo:

I take photos every day so I’ll try to update with some more soon. Bye bye for now!

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2 Responses to 2 months goes so fast

  1. Charlotte says:

    she really is lovely!

  2. Your circle skirt looks good!

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