A day in the life

27 June

7:00 Ben’s alarm goes off and our day starts. Emily is still asleep so I doze until she wakes up.

8:00 Emily falls asleep after her breakfast leaving me pinned to the bed.

I manage to move her and slip away to grab breakfast & a cup of pg tips.


After she wakes up we pull faces in the mirror, change her nappy & get dressed.



10:00 Emily has a new chair thingy and she seems to love it!


We hang out & chat to Auntie Kate on Skype.

11.00 Time for a trip to Trader Joe’s. Despite appearances I do actually enjoy grocery shopping! Emily slept through it in the carrier.


12:00 When I get home and unpack it’s time for lunch. I make pitta with goat’s cheese, strawberries and salad leaves. The perfect one-handed lunch so I can eat & feed Emily at the same time.

1:15 Emily nods off so I put her in the new seat and set it moving gently with white noise on in the background.


16:30 lovely neighbour brings round zucchini bread & apricot jam

17:00 Ben emerges from his study (he’s working from home) so time for cuddles.


17:30 exercise time and Emily works those muscles.


19:00 a quick & easy dinner of tilapia and vegetables followed by cuddles on the sofa in front of the motocross.

Toby meanwhile soaks up the rays of the evening sun.




20:00 I take a bath leaving Emily & Ben cuddling on the sofa.

20:30 Emily joins me in the bath!

21:30 We’re tucked up in bed and Emily is snoring gently in the bassinet. Night night.

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