3 months

As I write this it’s the 13th July, Emily is 3 months old (and her mummy is 33 and 1 day old eeek!) and we’re enjoying our first family mini-holiday in Carmel & Big Sur.

We’re really settling in to a nice rhythm now. At least by day. Some nights are less classical and more rock-and-roll as Emily decides sleep is for wimps. She used to sleep for 6 or 7 hours straight so let’s hope that wasn’t a phase and right now is. I’m reliably informed that there’s a growth spurt at 3 months.

But just when I was at my most sleep deprived she goes and does this (password: giggles):

Emily Giggles from Christine Evans on Vimeo.

I wonder what next month will bring. More joy for sure. And hopefully more sleep.

At 3 months Emily can: giggle (see above!); hold her head up for ages whilst on her tummy; suck her thumb; drool (a lot!); grasp toys & put them in her mouth.

Emily loves: Toby (the first of us to make her laugh); meeting other babies; music; her Mamaroo chair; chatting to us, herself & her toys.

Monthly blanket photo

Emily at 3 months:


10 days:

1 month:

2 months:

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One Response to 3 months

  1. So lovely! The blanket photos are such a good idea too, how great to have that record x.

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