Emily’s first holiday

So it turns out our car is just big enough to fit everything we need for a 2-day break. What are we going to do when we hit the UK later this year?! Of course we only used approximately 1% of the contents of the boot/trunk on our trip. Partly because there was no sun in Carmel (so no need for tent, chairs, mats, blankets, sun screen, sunglasses, swimsuit…) but also because mummy packed 40 nappies/diapers & 10 changes of clothes not to mention multiple burp cloths, bibs, toys and just-in-case medicines.

Travelling with a dog & a baby was certainly a learning experience. And one we’ll definitely repeat.

We stayed in Carmel for two nights fitting in several meals out (at baby- and dog-friendly restaurants), a drive down Highway 1 to Big Sur, a walk on the beach which Toby loved, shopping & lots of photo taking.

A tired mummy on Highway 1 after a night of very broken sleep.

Cute bench in Carmel.

Toby got more attention than Emily – he is pretty cute!

The sun made an appearance as we headed further south.

We spotted a whale in this bay. Ben is trying to find it again but to no avail.

Smiles for daddy.

Too much cuteness in one photo!

We’re looking forward to our next trip – that one will involve significantly more travelling!

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One Response to Emily’s first holiday

  1. Siobhian says:

    Awww I love this!!
    Great photos. And a whale? How awesome!!
    Emily’s so tiny still. Gorgeous. Xxx

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