Emily’s first hike

Last weekend we headed up into the Santa Cruz mountains to Big Basin to explore the Redwoods with our friends. We had an exciting journey up when we realised the petrol/gas light was on. The journey down was even more exciting when the gauge told us we had 9 miles of petrol left. We made it to the petrol station on fumes and let out a huge sigh of relief (Emily didn’t care, she was loudly requesting that I sing incy wincy spider for the 20th time).

We really enjoyed our hike. Redwoods are such truly awe-inspiring trees (see our Muir woods walk) and create stunning natural architecture both on the ground and across the skyline.

Emily loves her carrier and taking everything in around her so she enjoyed hiking with daddy. She is a real tree-lover and will happily spend time in the garden or the park rolling around on her blanket gazing at the sunlight filtering across leaves and through branches.

The outdoor life and the variety of natural landscapes from mountains to beaches to trees all within easy reach is why we love it so much here. So much so that I’m even contemplating getting a tent and going on a family camping trip. Really, me in a tent! Yes I’ll believe it when I see it too.

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