5 months? It can not be true

Our little Emily is five months old. Where has the time gone? Some days seem to pass so slowly; those fussy days when naps are only 30 minutes long, she doesn’t want to be put down and it seems that nothing can make her smile.

But we need to remember to stop and take it all in and, like we seem to get told several times a day by the parents and grandparents we meet when we’re out and about, enjoy it because it goes too fast and before you know it she’ll be off to university, striking out on her own.


So let’s take in the latest developments of our five-month old spirited little lady.

Emily can: roll from her back to front; sit for longer periods unaided; blow raspberries; imitate people sticking their tongues out at her (a useful life skill).

She loves: her first tastes of food (more on that in a minute); her new doll (coincidentally also called Emily); hiking; blowing the aforementioned raspberries; swings.

There are lots of opinions about when to start introducing solids. And how to do it. We decided to start giving Emily some pieces of food to play with while we eat our dinner. So far she’s had pieces of avocado and peach. She particularly liked the peach, and even though I’m pretty sure she didn’t swallow any, she loved how it tasted and the feel of it in her hands.

Monthly blanket photo

5 months:

10 days:

1 month:

2 months:

3 months:


4 months:




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