Seven months

Emily is seven months old. She’s growing more beautiful every day. Look at those eyes!

It’s getting chilly here now – as low as 6C at night but still beautiful and sunny during the day. The rain is coming though which makes Ben happy as it means snow in the mountains. Ski season beckons!

Emily can now: make even more sounds including mama and baba; tip forward on to her front from sitting (trying to crawl); roll everywhere; pick up small pieces of food and find her mouth (most times); feed herself from a spoon.

She loves: incy wincy spider; reading stories; riding in the shopping trolley (cart); hanging out with friends in the park; swings; music; homemade sweet potato chips (fries), cucumber, yoghurt and all food actually.

Monthly blanket photo

7 months:

6 months:

5 months:

4 months:

3 months:


2 months:

1 month:

10 days:

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One Response to Seven months

  1. Fiona says:

    It’s positively tropical where you are. It was 1 when I took Leo to the bus stop and 3 when took Sean out to play world at 10. :o) She is growing up so fast. Xx

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