Our first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we knew little about before moving here even though the tradition originated in England (apparently Guy Fawkes day was originally a Day of Thanksgiving). But I think it could become one of our favourites. Good food, giving thanks and connecting with family all sound like good reasons to celebrate to me. It also appears to be one of the least commercial holidays (provided you ignore the Black Friday madness; on Thanksgiving day we saw tents pitched outside Best Buy housing keen shoppers waiting for their bargains).

For our first Thanksgiving we decided to take advantage of the four-day weekend and embarked on a trip to the Napa Valley.

As many of you will know, I used to be a big wine drinker. Not so much now. One winery was all I could handle! We picked a lovely one though: a castle. We tried 10 wines in total and bought 6 bottles to bring home.


Emily was very content sitting in her new transportation device while we wandered around the winery. She loves pulling daddy’s hair and looking around the world with a new perspective.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at a Fish Restaurant – one plate of traditional turkey with all the trimmings (cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes & sprouts) and one of lobster. Emily tucked in to turkey, sprouts and lobster!

On the way home from Napa we stopped to capture one of our favourite views in the Bay Area, one that still prompts us to say in amazement: we really live here!


We definitely have a lot to give thanks for this year: our daughter, our adventures in California, our family and our friends (old and new). In just a couple of weeks we’ll celebrate one whole year here. Wow.


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One Response to Our first Thanksgiving

  1. Beautiful pictures Lovely post 🙂 Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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