Emily is 8 months old

I feel like the last week or so has seen lots of cute changes and developments with Emily. She started playing peekaboo by herself whilst sitting in a cafe a couple of days ago (holding a muslin over her face and pulling it down waiting for me to say “peekaboo!”); she waved for the first time (one of those proper little baby waves opening and closing her chubby fist); she offers us her toys to chew on (never relinquishing her grip on them though); and she is on all fours and rocking. Crawling is getting close. I’m convinced the first time she crawls will be to try to get closer to Toby. She loves that dog. And today, literally moments ago, she started clapping.



Christmas is just around the corner and I’m ridiculously excited about my favourite time of the year: making decorations, cards, wrapping presents, buying the tree, charting the progress of the days with the advent calendar. And this year is going to be the best yet with our little lady to share it all with.



Emily can now: get on to all fours from sitting, and move back to sitting; play peekaboo by herself; wave; clap.

Emily loves: food food glorious food – there’s nothing she won’t try; Skyping; our Christmas lights; bouncing on my exercise ball in front of the mirror; getting messy; drumming.


Monthly blanket photo

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