The big nine months

Every day our baby is edging closer to becoming a little girl. The first invitations to birthday parties are trickling in as her slightly older friends turn one. Before long it’ll be our turn to plan how to celebrate her big day. Yes, our baby is growing up.



We enjoyed celebrating her first Christmas and New Year. And Hannukah – it was our first one too! Father Christmas delivered a wooden rocking horse and a stocking stuffed with a teddy, bib and booties.

It’s been a busy month, Emily also saw her first snow – and mummy and daddy went skiing/boarding in Tahoe.


Emily can now: army crawl; pull up to standing from sitting; pick up tiny pieces of food with her thumb and forefinger; make a real orchestral range of noises from da to guh in volumes from shouts to whispers; walk holding our hands.


Emily loves: blueberries – she can’t get enough of them; her ball pit (in a cardboard box); her new rocking horse – especially when daddy ties a rope to it and tows her around; Toby (of course); Daddy getting home from work.

Monthly blanket photo

9 months:


8 months:


7 months:

6 months:

5 months:

4 months:

3 months:


2 months:

1 month:

10 days:

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1 Response to The big nine months

  1. Charlotte says:

    she is such a smiley baby – so SO adorable 😀

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