10 months old today

Well I don’t know how it happened but our little girl is now a whole 10 months old.


In her tenth month of life we flew to England again. Oh England we do love you but it was so cold. And white! Both of us were also ill for several days of our visit. However, we had a lovely time catching up with everyone (and surprising certain grandparents). We managed the flight home just the two of us – something I was worried about – and even with a cold Emily charmed our fellow passengers and the flight crew.


What else has happened in the last month? Well, Emily is playing very differently now. Instead of always putting things straight in her mouth she now very deliberately examines things, turning them over and seeing how they feel and sound.


One of our favourite activities recently was playing with a tub of cooked spaghetti. Of course she ate some but she also did lots of swishing and swirling and flinging. Great fun!

She also loves her balls. She’ll stand up in the box full of them, pick one up, act as if she’s going to give it to me and then give me a cheeky look and throw it on the floor. She’s examining the effect of gravity I think, and having a great time doing it.

IMG_5783 IMG_0777

And finally, food. This girl has suddenly started eating loads. She tucks into her morning porridge (she can scoop it up on the spoon from the bowl and feed herself now); demolishes blackberries; loves her lunchtime bagel; and she thinks pasta is delicious, especially when cooked in stock.

It’s also been a difficult month in many ways. The nine-month separation anxiety that hits many babies hit us very hard. She didn’t want to be with anyone other than mummy for a lot of the time. She also didn’t want to sit on the floor. Or get her nappy changed. Or get dressed. Or put a bib on. Or sit in the car. Or in her stroller. However, and I whisper this as some days are still interesting, we seem to be getting through these challenging weeks and coming out the other side with a much happier baby.


At 10 months Emily can: take a few steps with the aid of her new wooden walker (it only arrived yesterday); scoop up food with a spoon and feed herself; say “mum”; point; mimic people.

Emily loves: playing with anything that isn’t a toy (measuring cups, junk mail and magazines, tupperware); swings in the park; food food food; snuggling up with me to read books.

Monthly blanket photo

10 months:

IMG_6017 IMG_6019

9 months:


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One Response to 10 months old today

  1. Charlotte says:

    she is growing so fast! Such a cutie pie 😀

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