The countdown to ONE – 11 months old!

This last month has seen big jumps in Emily’s ability to explore her world.  She can get in to drawers and cupboards, can cruise from one thing to the next, can climb on to boxes and up steps, crawl under chairs and stools. And of course this all has potential for big trouble! She can also use her walker confidently, walk holding hands while kicking a ball along, she’s taken a few tentative steps holding one hand and has even started to crawl “properly” (but she still prefers to army crawl!). Oh and she has stood unaided for a few seconds.



Some other cute developments include doing the actions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, feeding herself  from a bowl with a spoon (porridge is her favourite thing to eat) and, this is not strictly an Emily development, Toby is getting closer to her and has even licked her nose a couple of times.


I musn’t forget that she also cut her first teeth this month so she is my little gummy bear no more. Let’s not talk about the sleep issues related to that.


She’s so much fun now. However she’s also still really struggling with separation anxiety and is very clingy to me. She did spend two days in childcare when we went skiing which I think she enjoyed and we’re joining a gym with childcare soon too so hopefully that’ll help a little.


So now we countdown until the big first birthday. I’m so going to cry when we blow out her candle, sing happy birthday and watch her enjoy her first piece of cake.

Monthly blanket photo

11 months:


10 months:


9 months:


8 months:


7 months:

6 months:

5 months:

4 months:

3 months:


2 months:

1 month:

10 days:






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