She is one

13th April 2013

Dear Emily,

A year ago you arrived. Our Emily. You were bigger, stronger and more beautiful than we ever could imagine. Those first hours were all at once terrifying and perfect. Our little family of three together at last.

A year on and you teach us so much with your ability to find fun and adventure in the most simple of things. You become more beautiful each day – your eyes sparkle and shine and your hair forms tiny wild curls at your neck. We adore your sweet little giggles, your enthusiastic claps and the way you sign ‘more’ for everything.

We love you our sweet girl. We can’t wait to keep learning with you and discovering the world through your eyes.

Happy Birthday,
Mummy & Daddy xxx

BEN_8773It’s true what they say: the days are long but the weeks and months are short. I remember the early days and wondering how on earth I was going to cope with doing the same thing every day and night (feed, burp, change, repeat) for what seemed like forever. But you find a rhythm, a normality and things change and evolve until you find yourself with not a tiny baby but a toddler. A toddler who knows when you’re trying to distract them, hide objects from them, about to put them on the ground or try to change them. A toddler who giggles when they’re about to do something they shouldn’t (go after Toby’s water bowl). A toddler who signs more enthusiastically even when you have no idea what they want more of. A toddler who gives the best hugs in the world.


At one year old Emily can: say “hi” in context (mainly at Toby) and wave, she has also said “mummy”, “bye” and “wow”; walk confidently holding one hand; high-five; give cuddles to us and her cuddly toys; give kisses; sign “more” and “finished”; dance to music; touch her nose when asked “Where’s Emily’s nose?”, she also finds mummy’s and daddy’s noses; play with Toby a little (or does he play with her?); stack a few blocks.


She loves: eating pear, banana, porridge and yoghurt; her new Elmo puppet book; reading (she brings books to me to read); swings; balloons; bubbles; walks in the stroller (she often falls asleep in there now which is huge progress from hating it a while ago).


Monthly blanket photo

And here it is, her last monthly blanket photo. It’s not the best, she really has no interest in sitting still these days.

12 months:

IMG_7390 IMG_7392

11 months:




10 months:




9 months:




8 months:




7 months:



6 months:



5 months:


4 months:



3 months:




2 months:



1 month:



10 days:







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2 Responses to She is one

  1. sian says:

    Gorgeous Christine! I love reading your updates. Emily I’d really going to enjoy looking back through everything when she is older. She’ll be so touched I’m sure. And what a wonderful memento.

  2. Cara says:

    Wow Christine, a year all ready. Where did that time go? She is wonderful and going to be breaking no end of hearts when she is older! Enjoy these years as they flash by. Happy Birthday Emily x

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